Product FAQ

Why Does Avielle Discontinue certain Products?


We apologize for discontinuing your favorite Avielle product – before doing so we take into account many important factors:

  1. Another similar product has been developed which we feel provides better performance.
  2. One of the ingredients used in the manufacturing process has been discontinued by the supplier, and we have been unable to find a suitable alternate.
  3. Customer preferences, purchasing patterns.

For assistance with locating a Avielle product that has been discontinued, please contact us at Please note that a search may only be initiated for products within Avielle’s basic product line. We regret that we are unable to conduct searches for seasonal, limited edition, or promotional products.

If we are able to locate the product you have requested, you may purchase up to 6 units (depending upon availability). Some discontinued items are available for shipment to locations within the U.S. To initiate a search for a discontinued product, please contact us.

I Want To Sell Avielle Products, What Should I Do?


While we appreciate your interest in Avielle products, please be advised that our products are distributed for sale only at our authorized reseller store accounts, the majority of which are located in high-end day spas and salons. While there are other points of sale, we are not seeking to expand our distribution network at this time. We do not offer franchises.

Are Samples Available of Avielle Products?


Samples are not currently available from