After what seems like a flash, summer is nearly over. How can you make the feeling last? Keep your color! Here are a ten tips for maintaining your summer color

that you can do today to keep summer hair, skin and nails healthy and youthful deep into fall.

1.    Let Skin Breathe: Try to avoid using products with heavy filters and pore-clogging ingredients during the harsh days of summer. Mineral makeup allows skin to breathe on humid days. It acts as a chemical-free sun block, naturally shielding the skin against damaging UV light.

2.    Bronze on the Sun: A light bronzer helps to extend your tan and maintain a healthy glow well into the chilly days of fall.

3.    Re-direct Imperfection: Light diffusing make up deflects light away from the fine lines and wrinkles created by the unkind rays of the summer sun, or after cosmetic surgery, chemical peels, laser treatments, or for individuals who suffer from rosacea, acne, hyperpigmentation and other skin conditions. Avielle Mineral MakeUp offers a full range of light diffusing cosmetics.

4.    Add Some Pop: Add some color to your toe and finger nails. A pop of summer color will make your skin look fresh and young. Deep reds, pinks and plums are great transition colors? they can take you from summer to fall seamlessly.

5.    Don’t Underestimate a Top Coat: Expert nail technicians recommend polishing your toes with a top coat of clear enamel before you head out to the beach on Labor Day weekend. This added layer of polish will protect your pedicure from the abrasive nature of sand and keep your color steadfast in to September.

6.    SPF for Your Hair: Protect hair color with shampoo and conditioner that contains UV sunscreen, such as L’Oreal Sublime. It protects hair from harmful rays, moisturizes and resists fadeout to keep color looking vibrant way in to fall. Ask your stylist for a list of products that contain an SPF.

7.    Condition All Day: Top salons suggests that you generously apply a leave-in conditioner, such as Icon-Sultry, to damp hair immediately after swimming or while sun-bathing to extend your color, and to prevent split ends.

8.    Sunless Tanning: All self-tanners are not created equal. Regardless of how you feel about the sun? summer means we bare more skin. Good Housekeeping Institute recommends using Victoria’s Secret Beach Sexy Flawless Airbrush Instant Bronze Body Spray.

 9.    Can’t Bear the Heat: Avoid using very hot water when showering or washing your hair. Warm water always works best to dissolve soap and shampoo; hot water can actually make your hair limp and dry out your skin. In fact, try rinsing your hair with cool water when you’re finished with your shower, it locks in a great shine and helps you maintain skin moisture.

 10.    Wrap-Up Summer Skin: The benefits from massages and body wraps, from Hot Stone to Sea Salt and Seaweed Glows, are endless and can keep you feeling like it is summer all year long. Massage and body wraps can reduce water retention, the appearance of cellulite, tension and muscle pain, as well as increase oxygen and blood flow throughout the body – keeping you feeling fresh, healthy, toned and invigorated throughout the year.